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Program Overview

The professional worker, who repairs and installs electrical devices in domestic and commercial buildings is called electrician. An electrician can provide a wide variety of services for miscellaneous problems like installation, design and testing of electrical circuits. This is why this profession is still a popular option and provides a vast avenue for inventive ideas.

There are certain technical skills required to venture into to the world of professional electricians. Our institution's Electrician training program will enable you to develop these skills at a rapid pace so that you can begin your journey into this exciting profession as soon as possible.

Your practical training will include:

• Conduit fittings and supports
• Commercial, residential and industrial electrical installation
• Classification and categories of electricity
• Lighting and heating practices
• Characteristics and properties of conductors

You will learn this and much more while at home and at your own pace.

Take up challenges in your new career

Completing your Electrician training program will help you further your career to all new heights. There is a growing demand for technically qualified and certified electricians. Dealing with electricity is a task that requires a great deal of knowledge as that safety of many lives is at stake and any minor mistake could prove to be quite costly. With the right training and credentials you will be able to maintain and install wiring and electrical devices in factories, offices or even homes. You could be gainfully employed at a firm dealing with construction or even establish your very own business. As an electrician you will be able to enjoy new challenges on a daily basis. The tasks that you will work on will be carried and challenging. The best part is that you could earn substantial amounts of money while having the luxury of flexible working hours.

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• Practical exercises and kits for hands-on learning
• Preparation guide for the Journeyman exam

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